Frequently Asked Questions

Many people might have different questions on how traffic Bays works. In case you are searching for quick answers, here are some of the most important answers that we give to our customers. To show the answer, you can simply click on the question’s name.

How is the ordered traffic obtained?

traffic bays is in possession of access to a network that has a number of targeted domains which assure the rise of wanted visitors. These real people we are talking about have numbers that can reach millions. The network traffic obtained can be converted into your targeted traffic by a professional team that holds those answers. They simply input a code and the website your own is shown to people that can click and browse it. There is no pay per click involved , all visitors are real and interested people, that are geographically targeted according to your specifications.

How fast can we get the results promised?

When you used traffic Bays, you can see the way your website traffic changes in a matter of days. Basically, in under 48h from making a purchase with us, you will see undeniable results, unlike other providers that take months to deliver.

How can you assure the legality of your methods and the authenticity of visitors?

Our services run under the consent of the law and the visitors that we provide are real people. Quick traffic is a website used by endless customers that stand as the mail witness that we have never used bots or software to provide our services, and that the visitors have always been real and targeted.

Are there any purchasing limitations?

Quick traffic services are considered to be the most quality services on the market. We only accept orders from clients that poses reliable websites, that are not infested with malware or viruses . If clients are discovered to own or run a website that is overwhelmed by viruses, and wishes only to spread them with our help, those clients’ orders will be immediately canceled.

What are the guarantees we provide?

Quick traffic personnel is driven by the accomplished results. All our services are high quality, and the generated and ordered traffic comes from real persons, that will follow, like or visit your website with the given deadline. There is no delay in our dictionary, and even refunds are possible in this case.

How can I know how my order has progressed?

Every customer we have is entitled to know how they order is processed and how far along is it. This is the reason why the progress is accessible online in a live stat. Clients will be given an username and a password to access their account, and once logged in they can see the status of their order.

How can I pay for the provided services?

There are many service packs a customer can choose from.A customer can ask to direct any number or visitors to his website. as many as 400,000 at once. Paypal is the main payment method accepted, but we accept other methods as well.

4 reasons why one must give preference to Traffic Bays for social media boosting
Allowing you to benefit from
the best services

When it comes to social media providers, our company ranks high up in the field’s category, thus the services we provide are extremely satisfactory and cheaper than anywhere else. Each click, like, fan or follower a customer gets is a real person, there are no fake profiles in the making.

Your account’s safety is
our top priority

Our company slogan is harmony, so our methods are made in such a way that they work perfectly with four major social networking websites, compatibility never being an issue. Account accessibility is easy, with no password required unless users want to buy followers.

Our services are delivered

We guarantees the promised results.No matter what services you choose, they will be processed and delivered in 72 hours tops.

Our customer support
available always

Our top notch support team we offer along with our services makes sure that you can get all the answers you are looking for, and helps you identify and plan a better strategy. The support staff are available via contact page.